It’s time to make time for yourself. Escape to Wish Skin Spa, your suburban retreat.
A perfect balance of relaxation and results. 
Our trained professional therapists will help you unwind and de-stress, using advanced, effective techniques and treatments.


“Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old”
Franz Kafka


your experience
At Wish Skin Spa we know your time is precious. When it comes to the time you share with us we take every care to ensure your experience is exactly what you wish for. We have carefully selected all our professional treatments and products so you achieve amazing results during your time with us.  

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latest news


We will be closed for 9 days while we get a few repairs and refresh the salon ready for Spring.

Our close dates are from Monday 17 August - Thursday 27 August.
e can still be reached via phone, email and website.
We look forward to seeing you when we are back.



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